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DIY Copper Clothes Rail

With my feng shui in check I’ve been keen to come up with a minimalist but functional way to hold and display my summer clothes. A whole chunk of my glad rags are screwed up in a ball in my chest of drawers and deserve a better home. Over the weekend , I treated myself to a few special numbers for the THREE weddings I’m attending this season. These garms do not deserve the same harsh living conditions as the crinkled ones in those drawers.

Inspired by the Brighton boutiques I roamed last Saturday – and bold industrial design that is very trendy right now -I moseyed on down to my local Wickes store where I bought all of the materials I would need to build my copper display rail.

What y’all need:

  • Aprox 2.5 hrs
  • 3 x 3m copper pipe (22ml)
  • 6 x copper Tee fittings (22ml)
  • 6 x 90 degree elbows (22ml)
  • Tube cutter ..(Prices of these can be steep, I found one in Wickes for a steal at £2.99! )
  • Some super strong metal glue (‘Stix all’ is great, make sure you wear gloves! Super strong stuff!)
  • Copper cleaner & protector (reccomending ‘Hagertys polish’ that I found on Amazon. It acts as a cleaner, buffer, polish and protector- £4.20)
  • ..and a little bit of patience

How to:

  • Using the tube cutter (which for a daunting looking device is incredibly easy to use) I cut 3 x 4 ft lengths for the pole at the top and the shoe rack at the bottom
  • I cut 2 x 5ft lengths for the sides
  • 4 x 5 inch pieces to connect all of the poles at the base
  • 4 x 2inches to steady the stand at the bottom like so :

  • I glued the inside of each joiner and hammered the connectors in to place, making for a mega solid fix.
  • Wait until the glue has dried then buff and protect the metal before dressing it with a few favourite statement pieces!


Precise measurements are key to to the success of this project. I measured the available space I had first and then drew out a draft , that way.. what I was attempting to build would always fit perfecto!

The beauty I found, is that you’re able to be as imaginative as you want with Copper. It is such a mailable material to work with. I’m definitely going to go ahead with creating some more original pieces for my bedroom. I’m thinking of adding a ladder to the rail for men’s trousers and making somewhere to hang jewellery come Copper rail take 2.

Spending £70 in total, it worked out a slightlyyy cheaper alternative to buying a pre made one online. It satisfied my creative craving and I have been rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and a pretty way to present my new dresses!

Watch this space! ..(And my depop where I plan to test the waters by listing some of my copper creations!)

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Top Travel Reads- Summer ’17 

As we approach the time of year when lots of people board a plane to a better place and venture off on their summer holidays, I have thrown together a list of my ‘Top Travel Reads’.

Three of the books were given to me as a gift and I bought the other two upon reccomendation. Two of my favourite ways for a book to be brought to my attention.

One of my beautiful friends, Sian, who I met in Thailand in 2013 sent me ‘First They Killed My Father’ and ‘Snowing In Bali’ before I ventured off to conquer Cambodia and Bali earlier this year. I was in the midst of reading Ung’s memoir when I visited the Killing Fields, which made the place all the more heart renching to see. It’s a tragic tale about children who lived through Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime. Although it’s a hard read- it’s a must read. The Cambodian Genecide lead to the loss of over 25% of the population and ended as recently as 1979. It taught me a lot about things I was Oh so naive too, before opening the book!

Coincidentally, Angelina Jolie is due to bring this memoir to life in a Netflix film that she’s releasing soon. I’m really interested to see how close her portrayal is to the actual account I’ve read.

Snowing in Bali is an inside account of Bali’s hidden drug world. Unfortunately I never made it to Indonesia but having read the book I feel like I’ve explored the islands ‘good’-the paradise that you hear and see in perfect pictures of your friends frolicking in the sea and the ‘bad’- that I would have never known existed!

It’s a pretty outrageous book, in terms of the uncensored lifestyles that the drug dealers recall. Its not for the faint hearted. If you’ve been to Bali and enjoyed the surfing scene or was interigued by the crazy night life- you have kind of got to read this! Disclaimer: NOT for those who are easily lead astray!

As one of the most read and best known travel writers, Bill Bryson is an obvious Australian read. He’s good for his wittiness and makes a great travel companion . ‘Down Under’ is quite intense! Rammo with facts about Oz’s history , country and people. I read it in dribs and drabs but I’m glad I stuck with it as I was so well informed with all sorts of random info about awesome Oz, afterwards.

Bill Bryson is Pinterest gold for travel quotes:

There is something about the momentum of travel that makes you never want to stop.

Last but not least a book I read the wrong way round ( I had seen the film when I picked up the book). They correlate well, though book is from more of a semi biographical POV.

‘In To The Wild’ depicts the two-year wilderness trek of Alexander Supertamp (real name : Christopher McCandless). For the guy in search of spiritual freedom that was determined to live a life of independence …it unfortunately doesnt end well. Its an epic true story filled with all the emotions.

Alexander Supertamp!… I salute you wilderness traveller!


           LAB LAB 💌

I need to rave about ‘LAB LAB’ in a blog post. I received probably my 11th wad of life snaps through the post this morning and everytime I open that pretty pink envelope I am over impressed with the efficiency, quality and originality of their product.

It all started 4 years ago when I returned home from a mega travelling trip of 16 months. I needed to print my pretty pictures because my iphone was constantly reminding me that my ‘storage is nearly full’.

In the the same way that I prefer holding a physical book instead of using a kindle and having an actual copy of an album I love to listen to , I like to print my favourite photographs. When we all go back to basics and the internet goes down … I still want to be able to hold on to those mems.

I dowladed the app and selected what I wanted printing on a whim . I’ve gone back to LAB LAB time and time again for all sorts of fun projects since .

I used the app to create this huge poster collage of colourful wanderlusting travel shots. People always comment on how striking it is as a centrepiece in my boudoir!

…And if you’ve got a Bff’s bday coming up, I highly reccomend one of their photo boxes. The receiver of one of mine nearly cried when a photo box of all our most treasured memories popped though her post box.

I’ve used other ‘free photo apps’ where the postage is extortionate and is slyly used to actually cover the cost of the printing etc ..and Iv’e tried the Boots click & collect as well! Neither compare in quality. The accessibility of being able to pick and choose what I want printed via my social media and their little personal touches along the way are why I rate them so highly.. and the same reason you should get LAB LAB-ing ASAP.


         ONE LOVE 🖤

I think you should see this. I know that it has been mediated , but if what they are saying science proves in this video is true, then I agree with the French lady in the below peice. A DNA test should be compulsory. It could potentially change so much of what is wrong in the world right now.

There would be no such thing as extremism in the world if people knew their heritage like that. Who would be stupid enough to think of such a thing like a pure race.


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Positive vibes are the only vibes anybody needs in their life right now. With all that’s going on in the world and even in your little life, it can be hard to remain positive at all times. I’ve been practicing meditation and reading about mindfulness for approximately six months now and honestly it’s made the world of difference in terms of my attitude towards different situations.

Everybody has down days, ‘WHY ME’ days and the worst thing is that some people are so closed off that you might not even realise they’re going through something. Two people close to me recently confided in me, telling me of there sufferings with anxiety. One so severely that it had lead her to feel quite depressed. Said person has two degrees, she’s travelled far and wide, she’s beautiful , a talented grade 8 piano player and she’s left without an iota of confidence . She feels like she can’t even apply for a job because her nerves always get the better of her . I mean, I’m definitely no councillor but when I heard all this it became my mission to help free her of this over baring mindset.

So to my good friend and anyone struggling with what life has tested them with recently, I leave you with, in my opinion some LIFE CHANGING tasks:

Read ‘The Secret’. I’m not one to over exaggerate but this book changed everything about me. There is officially no room for negativity in my personal space any more. Bare with it ok? Its American, thus quite intense and at times, repetative! But Rhonda Byrne’s words changed me and since reading her ‘self help’ book four years ago, I’ve attracted everything I felt (good and bad) just like she forsaw.

Spend a certain amount of time as many evenings as possible … alone, thinking and listening to some melo music. Its not meditation in the literal sense. I don’t sit on my floor with incense burning humming ‘OMMM’. I kind of just spend time reflecting. I can’t reccomend ‘Nigel Good- Space Cadet’ enough. It’s an epic album. It’s a journey . You really FEEL when you’re listening to it. If this isnt enough, download the ‘Calm’ app. Again, American as it gets but the music and mindfulness chit chat always puts my mind to rest before sleep.

Finally, be creative. Write, draw, make, sing! Having an outlet to express your emotions lifts so much off of your shoulders! When something’s raw and coming from somewhere real its always so much more gripping aswel. Writing this blog is one of my outlets. One comment of acknowledgment or a friend messaging to say they liked my post, it’s so uplifting.

I know these 3 simple things aren’t going to rid you of any established issues but I feel like anything that could help just one person… is a subject worth touching on.

Side note: The positive pens in the photo are from ASOS (£7.99). I gifted them to my friend on the basis that she used them to start writing a new, kick ass CV. (Plus, which female doesn’t love new stationary?)


Freedom @ TOPSHOP

When it comes to accessories, I’m a hoarder. A hoarder with a slight obsession for statement earings. I like vintage, I buy reclaimed, I love handmade …but where do i find myself mingling when I’ve got a bit of spare cash and an earring purchase craving … Freedom @ TOPSHOP, every timeeee.

Original. Imaginative. Affordable. Their design team have got it down! My bio clearly states this blog would be filled with positive vibes … all the way down to the ‘Positive vibe’ earings I’m wearing above! These little beauty’s only set me back £12 and are part of a whole new ‘quote’ collection Topshop have just dropped. With their chunky , 90’s vibes hoop earnings, signet and star sign pieces available in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, you can let your inner J-Lo roam free on any occasion!

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      New obsessions 

Dont you love it when people compliment your fragrance… and then you’re little miss forgetful when they question what it is because you know it means they’ll smell as good as you within the week if you spill!

Welll, I’m almost reluctant to share this post because once the secrets out there’s no going back!..but selfish isn’t a trate I would like to be known as. Basically of all the perfumes I’ve ever purchased I have found more than one ultimate favourite in New Looks NEW Fragrence collection. Perfectly priced at £4.99 (ABSO BARG) for a handbag sized 20 ml.

Oriental night is the lushest thing that’s ever graced my nostrils . I’m bored of the standard sweet & floral fragrances doing the rounds and loveeeee the spicey undertones with the sweetness of that honey in the purple box . It’s like a female version of Spice Bomb by Viktor & Rolph (MMM)!! This plus the ‘seductiveness’ of midnight bloom = SCENTIN’ ELL!

They’re totally on to something with this fragrance layering idea , if one smells good … 2 together smells amaze . My most recent purchase is number 1 , ‘Exotic rose’. I can smell actual Turkish delight in there somewhere! They’re all kind of worldly and interesting.

It’s an affordable way to change up your scent regularly and I’m totally buying in to it. Make sure you try some of the combos and report back with the thumbs up & no go’s. Plus, let me know of any other fragrances I should be spritzing!

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    ‘No regrets’ fund 

This a short but sweet post on how we should all try to have no regrets. I recently read a story about a girl who had to say no to a trip with her sister due to financial reasons.. within months the sister unfortunately passed away. Not being able to take the trip due to her finances was her biggest regret to date.

..That’s what inspired me to create my ‘No regrets’ fund. It’s different from your standard ‘life stuff’ savings account for your mortgage, car and uni. Log on to your banking app , add an e account , rename it ‘No regrets’ and next time you find yourself with a little extra dollar $$.. transfer ‘x amount’ over. Make use of the money you would usually waste on the top you’ll wear once, deposit your birthday money and any extra cash you make on eBay-VOILA ! No longer will you have to suffer with FOMO (fear of missing out) . Next time you want to treat yo’ self to some fancy cocktails or book gig tickets with your BFF’s before they sell out, you can! – without dipping into your current account and feeling forever guilty. Plus even if you can’t cover the whole cost , you’ve already got a little stashed away which will soften the blow! You can say YES..with NO regrets!

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Lotus Flower & Tiger Lily 

I am a sucker for a skin care product. For years I neglected my face with a really basic skin care regime. A couple of years ago after using my magnifier mirror and noticing the beginnings of the aging process , faint wrinkles and signs of sun damage, my attitude towards skin care changed dramatically and without sounding like ‘I LOVE MY FACE’ , the results were incred!

There’s a whole load of products I can’t wait to share with you but with the introduction of face pack Sunday (Ta’ Gem & Lex-the pals who shared this Sunday ritual with me) my skin quickly looked & felt mucho healthier.

I usually use charcoal based face packs or ones with Kaolin and bentonite they mattify my oily skin by adsorbing all the excess sebum (sexy greasiness) but I can’t resist a newbie on the market, especially the exotic flavours of the Boots sheet face masks.

Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve tried all 3 and I’m actually v.impressed! All 3 mildly tingled my little face in an ‘ Oo this is actually working’ kind of way a few mins after application. I was initially upset that they weren’t quirkily scented, in retrospect though I see that as a positive as I can be sure all the products used are as natural as they portray . I put on some chilled music and had 15 mins time out where I literally just lay on my bed. I kid you not I could almost feel the product being absorbed by my pores. My only issue really was that you can’t move even the tiniest facial muscle without it slipping off. Aside from that and the fact you look like you belong in a horror film for a quarter of an hour, I would highly reccomend a trial of them. They’re super soft , (tiger lily in particular)so peeling them off feels veryyy satisfying.

I rate the Rooibos, highest. From what I gather Rooibos is a South African plant extract. I’ve only ever had it in tea but why not put it on your face!? I’ve become a bit of a night owl recently and noticed some bag-age under my eyes, it genuinely faded those darker circles and I did feel more energized post face mask.

What I liked most is that you don’t have to deal with the faff or removing all that dry mud off your face, you’re able to massage the remaining product in to your skin. I had so much excess left in the packet that I’ll moisturise my face with a little later in the week.

I’m keen to try the FACEINC flower bomb face pack by Nails inc next. I’m going to invest in a few more of the Garnier moistire bombs for when my skin feels abused after a being outside post winter walks too!

Always grateful for skincare reccomendations and reviews …


Interior Inspo

I made it my mission last year to create a space in my bedroom that completely reflected my personality. I feel like you can get a sense of who I am from some of the clothes that I wear and I wanted the same from my bedroom. Its where I come back to when I go away, it’s where I go when I’m sad, where I pre drink with friends and where I weirdly enjoy spending a lot of time on my own. My zen space. Thus it should be somewhere inspiring. Any excuse to let my inner interior design queen do her thang.

I sketched out the layout I wanted and the colours scheme I wanted to use. Oranges and reds are vital for those Asian-esque vibes. I pinterested what I liked and sourced affordable versions of the fixtures & fittings from ebay and charity shops.

I intentionally collected a lot of souvenirs from trips I had been on, these were the first bits I couldnt wait to be pinned on my freshly painted walls. Along with my upcyced book shelf and my wicker garden furniture..plant shelf / shelf for Hollys things!..It bagan to take shape. Chuck in the 100 cushions I own and it iswas looking pretty finito.

It’s filled with wild animal lamps and prints , moroccan string lights and candles EVERYWHERE. I feel like it really does reflect me. It’s busy but colourful .

One of my most precious possessions, something I’ll take with me wherever I go and that holds huge sentimental value to me, is my dressing table.

Whilst I was away travelling the first time around my beautiful parents decorated my bedroom for me as a surprise. They upcycled this quirkily shaped, vintage dressing table with a paint job and funky handles . All I had to come back and do is Holly-fy it.

I love post cards. I’m gutted that they’re a dying trend and always request one from friends that go wandering. I used the ones I had already and placed them under the glass top. It’s such an easy, yet unique and personable upcycling idea. I sit there every morn whilst I put my face on, day dreaming about all the wonderful places they were sent from. (Japan, Australia, Asia,India, Prague) 💭 🌏

I spent near £200 on completely res-tyling my favourite room in the house. It doesnt have to be expensive if you’re willing to use your free time to get creative!