Interior Inspo

I made it my mission last year to create a space in my bedroom that completely reflected my personality. I feel like you can get a sense of who I am from some of the clothes that I wear and I wanted the same from my bedroom. Its where I come back to when I go away, it’s where I go when I’m sad, where I pre drink with friends and where I weirdly enjoy spending a lot of time on my own. My zen space. Thus it should be somewhere inspiring. Any excuse to let my inner interior design queen do her thang.

I sketched out the layout I wanted and the colours scheme I wanted to use. Oranges and reds are vital for those Asian-esque vibes. I pinterested what I liked and sourced affordable versions of the fixtures & fittings from ebay and charity shops.

I intentionally collected a lot of souvenirs from trips I had been on, these were the first bits I couldnt wait to be pinned on my freshly painted walls. Along with my upcyced book shelf and my wicker garden furniture..plant shelf / shelf for Hollys things!..It bagan to take shape. Chuck in the 100 cushions I own and it iswas looking pretty finito.

It’s filled with wild animal lamps and prints , moroccan string lights and candles EVERYWHERE. I feel like it really does reflect me. It’s busy but colourful .

One of my most precious possessions, something I’ll take with me wherever I go and that holds huge sentimental value to me, is my dressing table.

Whilst I was away travelling the first time around my beautiful parents decorated my bedroom for me as a surprise. They upcycled this quirkily shaped, vintage dressing table with a paint job and funky handles . All I had to come back and do is Holly-fy it.

I love post cards. I’m gutted that they’re a dying trend and always request one from friends that go wandering. I used the ones I had already and placed them under the glass top. It’s such an easy, yet unique and personable upcycling idea. I sit there every morn whilst I put my face on, day dreaming about all the wonderful places they were sent from. (Japan, Australia, Asia,India, Prague) 💭 🌏

I spent near £200 on completely res-tyling my favourite room in the house. It doesnt have to be expensive if you’re willing to use your free time to get creative!

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