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Positive vibes are the only vibes anybody needs in their life right now. With all that’s going on in the world and even in your little life, it can be hard to remain positive at all times. I’ve been practicing meditation and reading about mindfulness for approximately six months now and honestly it’s made the world of difference in terms of my attitude towards different situations.

Everybody has down days, ‘WHY ME’ days and the worst thing is that some people are so closed off that you might not even realise they’re going through something. Two people close to me recently confided in me, telling me of there sufferings with anxiety. One so severely that it had lead her to feel quite depressed. Said person has two degrees, she’s travelled far and wide, she’s beautiful , a talented grade 8 piano player and she’s left without an iota of confidence . She feels like she can’t even apply for a job because her nerves always get the better of her . I mean, I’m definitely no councillor but when I heard all this it became my mission to help free her of this over baring mindset.

So to my good friend and anyone struggling with what life has tested them with recently, I leave you with, in my opinion some LIFE CHANGING tasks:

Read ‘The Secret’. I’m not one to over exaggerate but this book changed everything about me. There is officially no room for negativity in my personal space any more. Bare with it ok? Its American, thus quite intense and at times, repetative! But Rhonda Byrne’s words changed me and since reading her ‘self help’ book four years ago, I’ve attracted everything I felt (good and bad) just like she forsaw.

Spend a certain amount of time as many evenings as possible … alone, thinking and listening to some melo music. Its not meditation in the literal sense. I don’t sit on my floor with incense burning humming ‘OMMM’. I kind of just spend time reflecting. I can’t reccomend ‘Nigel Good- Space Cadet’ enough. It’s an epic album. It’s a journey . You really FEEL when you’re listening to it. If this isnt enough, download the ‘Calm’ app. Again, American as it gets but the music and mindfulness chit chat always puts my mind to rest before sleep.

Finally, be creative. Write, draw, make, sing! Having an outlet to express your emotions lifts so much off of your shoulders! When something’s raw and coming from somewhere real its always so much more gripping aswel. Writing this blog is one of my outlets. One comment of acknowledgment or a friend messaging to say they liked my post, it’s so uplifting.

I know these 3 simple things aren’t going to rid you of any established issues but I feel like anything that could help just one person… is a subject worth touching on.

Side note: The positive pens in the photo are from ASOS (£7.99). I gifted them to my friend on the basis that she used them to start writing a new, kick ass CV. (Plus, which female doesn’t love new stationary?)

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