So I’ll bring you to where I am in my life in as few words as poss. It’s 2017 and I’m 27. Ten years (plus a few months) ago I was leaving school and to be honest with you I had the same wild dreams as I do today.. except they were valid because I was 17 and naive. Mum= “YOU’RE AN ADULT NOW”. I think that sentence needs to be altered when in reference to anyone minus 30 years old . There are adultier adults than I, those more experienced at the whole SENSIBLE DECISIONS thing! It should be “you’re a new adult now” = still liable to momentary relapses where quite bad money/fashion/life/alcoholic consumption choices can bad made.

For those inquisitive souls my ‘wild dreams’ were (are) :

– Travel z world. All 196 countries. (Yea, I did just return homesick from Cambodia)

– Become a Yoga instructor

– Learn fluent Spanish

– Become the female version of Alexander McQueen. If it is even possible for another human to measure up to the guy.

– Go to the moon. (Outta’ space interests me)

– Become a recognised blogger. I mean, I’m here and I’m doing this right now so I’m putting the opportunity on the table..

Yea, sooo real life has so far got in the way of my yogi dreams but 2017 is the year of change didn’t you know! On return from my Cambodian (super mini) expedition I’ve brought a telescope, a yoga mat , created a “No regrets” saving fund and as of today started a blog. Lotsa new things to go blogging crazy over!