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DIY Copper Clothes Rail

With my feng shui in check I’ve been keen to come up with a minimalist but functional way to hold and display my summer clothes. A whole chunk of my glad rags are screwed up in a ball in my chest of drawers and deserve a better home. Over the weekend , I treated myself to a few special numbers for the THREE weddings I’m attending this season. These garms do not deserve the same harsh living conditions as the crinkled ones in those drawers.

Inspired by the Brighton boutiques I roamed last Saturday – and bold industrial design that is very trendy right now -I moseyed on down to my local Wickes store where I bought all of the materials I would need to build my copper display rail.

What y’all need:

  • Aprox 2.5 hrs
  • 3 x 3m copper pipe (22ml)
  • 6 x copper Tee fittings (22ml)
  • 6 x 90 degree elbows (22ml)
  • Tube cutter ..(Prices of these can be steep, I found one in Wickes for a steal at £2.99! )
  • Some super strong metal glue (‘Stix all’ is great, make sure you wear gloves! Super strong stuff!)
  • Copper cleaner & protector (reccomending ‘Hagertys polish’ that I found on Amazon. It acts as a cleaner, buffer, polish and protector- £4.20)
  • ..and a little bit of patience

How to:

  • Using the tube cutter (which for a daunting looking device is incredibly easy to use) I cut 3 x 4 ft lengths for the pole at the top and the shoe rack at the bottom
  • I cut 2 x 5ft lengths for the sides
  • 4 x 5 inch pieces to connect all of the poles at the base
  • 4 x 2inches to steady the stand at the bottom like so :

  • I glued the inside of each joiner and hammered the connectors in to place, making for a mega solid fix.
  • Wait until the glue has dried then buff and protect the metal before dressing it with a few favourite statement pieces!


Precise measurements are key to to the success of this project. I measured the available space I had first and then drew out a draft , that way.. what I was attempting to build would always fit perfecto!

The beauty I found, is that you’re able to be as imaginative as you want with Copper. It is such a mailable material to work with. I’m definitely going to go ahead with creating some more original pieces for my bedroom. I’m thinking of adding a ladder to the rail for men’s trousers and making somewhere to hang jewellery come Copper rail take 2.

Spending £70 in total, it worked out a slightlyyy cheaper alternative to buying a pre made one online. It satisfied my creative craving and I have been rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and a pretty way to present my new dresses!

Watch this space! ..(And my depop where I plan to test the waters by listing some of my copper creations!)