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DIY Copper Clothes Rail

​With my feng shui in check I’ve been keen to come up with a minimalist but functional way to hold and display my summer clothes. A whole chunk of my glad rags are screwed up in a ball in my chest of drawers. Over the weekend, however, I treated myself to a few special numbers for the THREE weddings I’m attending this season and these garms do not deserve the same harsh living conditions.

Inspired by the Brighton boutiques I roamed last Saturday – and the the bold industrial interiors that are very in right now -I moseyed on down to my local Wickes store where I bought all of the materials I needed. 

What y’all need: 

  • Aprox 2.5 hrs 
  • 3 x 3m copper pipe  (22ml) 
  • 6 x copper Tee fittings  (22ml)
  • 6 x 90 degree elbows (22ml)
  • Tube cutter ..(Prices of these can be steep, I found one in Wickes for a steal at £2.99! ) 
  • Some super strong metal glue (‘Stix all’ is great, make sure you wear gloves! Super strong stuff!)
  • Copper cleaner & protector (reccomending ‘Hagertys polish’ that I found on Amazon.  It acts as a cleaner, buffer, polish and protector- £4.20) 
  • ..and a little bit of patience 

How to: 

  • Using the tube cutter (which is incredibly easy to use) I cut 3 x 4 ft lengths for the pole at the top and the shoe rack at the bottom
  • I cut 2 x 5ft lengths for the sides
  • 4 x 5 inch pieces to connect all of the poles at the base
  • 4 x 2inches to steady the stand at the bottom like so : 

  • I glued the inside of each joiner and hammered the connectors in to place, making for a mega solid fix. 
  • Wait until the glue has dried then buff and protect the metal before dressing it with a few favourite statement pieces!


Precise measurements are key to to the success of this project. I first measured the available space I had and then drew out a draft so that what I built fit perfecto.

The beauty is that you’re able to be as imaginative as you want with this. Copper is such a mailable material to work with, I’m definitely going to go ahead with creating some more original pieces.  I’m thinking of adding a ladder for men’s trousers and making somewhere to hang jewellery come take 2, so watch this space! ..(And my depop where I plan to test the waters by listing some of my copper creations!)  

Spending £70 in total, it worked out a slightlyyy cheaper alternative to buying one for a hefty price online. It satisfied my creative craving and I have been rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and a pretty way to present my new dresses!