LAB LAB 💌

I need to rave about  ‘LAB LAB’ in a blog post. I received probably my 11th wad of life snaps through the post this morning and everytime I open that pretty pink envelope I am over impressed with the efficiency, quality and originality of their product. 

It all started 4 years ago when I returned home from a mega travelling trip of 16 months. I needed to print my pretty pictures because my iphone was constantly reminding me that my  ‘storage is nearly full’ (THE MOST FRUSTRATING MESSAGE, HUH!  NO MATTER HOW MANY PHOTOS,VIDS AND TUNES YOU DELETE.. YOUR STORAGE IS ALWAYS STILL NEARLY FULL!!??) #RantOver. 

In the the same way that I prefer holding a physical book instead of using a kindle and having an actual copy of an album I love to listen to , I like to print my favourite photographs. When we all go back to basics and  the internet goes down … I still want to be able to hold on to those memories. 

I dowladed the app and selected what I wanted printing on a whim and I’ve gone back to LAB LAB time and time again for all sorts of fun projects. I used the app to create this huge collage of colourful wanderlusting travel shots, people always comment on how striking it is as a centrepiece in my boudoir. 

…And if you’ve got a Bff’s bday coming up, I highly reccomend one of their photo boxes. The receiver of one of mine nearly cried when A photo box of all our most treasured memories of as popped though her post box.

I’ve used other ‘free photo apps’ where the postage is extortionate and is slyly used to actually cover the cost of the printing etc and Iv’e tried the Boots click & collect  as well, but neither compare in quality. The accessibility of being able to pick and choose what I want printed via my social networking sites and their little personal touches along the way are why I rate them so highly and why you should get LAB LAB-ing ASAP. 
There’s also something glorious about getting a parcel though the post, isn’t there.  It’s like a snippet of joy from Christmas Day.