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Top Travel Reads- Summer ’17 

As we approach the time of year when lots of people board a plane to a better place and venture off on their summer holidays, I have thrown together a list of my ‘Top Travel Reads’.  

Three of the books were given to me as a gift and I bought the other two upon reccomendation. Two of my favourite ways for a book to be brought to my attention. 

My beautiful best friend, Sian who I met in Thailand in 2013 sent me ‘First They Killed My Father’ and ‘Snowing In Bali’ before I ventured off to conquer Cambodia and Bali earlier this year. I was in the midst of reading Ung’s memoir when I visited the Killing Fields, which made the place all the more heart renching to see. It’s a tragic tale about children who lived through Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime. Although it’s a hard read- it’s a must read.  The Cambodian Genecide lead to the loss of over 25% of the population and ended as recently as 1979. It taught me a lot about things I was Oh so naive to before opening the book. Coincidentally, Angelina Jolie is due to bring this memoir to life in a Netflix film that she’s releasing soon. I’m really interested to see how close her portrayal is to the actual account I’ve read.  

Snowing in Bali. An inside account of Bali’s hidden drug world. Unfortunately I never made it to Indonesia but having read the book I feel like I’ve explored the islands good, the paradise that you hear and see in perfect pictures of your friends frolicking in the sea and then the bad that I never knew existed! 

It’s a pretty outrageous book, in terms of the uncensored lifestyles that the drug dealers recall…all the way down to the explicit language used in the accounts. If you’ve been to Bali and enjoyed the surfing scene  or was interigued by the crazy night life- you gotta read this! Not for those who are easily lead astray! 

As one of the most read and best known travel writers, Bill Bryson is an obvious Australian read. He’s good for his wittiness and makes a great travel companion . ‘Down Under’ is quite intense,  rammo with facts about Oz’s history , country and people. I read it in dribs and drabs but I’m glad I stuck with it as I was so well informed with all sorts of random facts about the awesome country afterwards. P.S The man is Pinterest gold for travel quotes: 

There is something about the momentum of travel that makes you never want to stop.

Last but not least a book I read the wrong way round. As in I saw the film then read the book. They correlate well though though book is  from more of a semi biographical POV. 

‘In To The Wild’ depicts the two-year wilderness trek of Christopher Mcandless. For the guy in search of spiritual freedom that was determined to live a life of independence , it didn’t end well. Alexander Supertamp I salute you, wilderness traveller. 

– Thanking Sian Evans  for being the best book recommender.